About Me

Welcome day-hikers, backpackers, car campers and even our glampers, my name is Riley Smith and I am excited to bring you “Broken Laces, a Hiker’s Podcast.” 


Over the past 15 years of hiking, I’ve recognized that hiking is so much more than the trailhead and the summit — and no this isn’t metaphor about the journey.  Hiking affects and is affected by state and federal policy; hiking drives local economies with trail towns and global recreational businesses; hiking is a fitness regiment and a spiritual one, all while providing some of the best view in this world and creating a home for wildlife and ecosystems to flourish.


With a true day job, I am an avid weekend hiker/backpacker and road tripper (often with wife and schnauzer in tow). Peaks, lazy rivers, forests and desert landscapes are all worth the steps and it's my goal to talk about hiking and public lands to as many people as I can.

I want to keep doing this as a hobby and who knows what it evolves to. Share, share and share with your friends and please send me an email with topics of interest!

Trail Stats:

 - Trailhead Name: White Tomato

 - National Parks hiked: 26 of 60

 - Longest Hike: John Muir Trail, 212 miles

 - Most Recent Backpacking Trip: Copper Creek, Goat Crest in     Kings Canyon NP 

 - Backpacking skill that needs improvement: Cooking

 - Cool and Relevant: Parks and Tech hackathon, 2018

 - Ideal hike: 10-14 miles, 3,000 feet elevation change, campsite with a view, food/drink waiting, storytelling and a shooting star.

Riley at Glen Pass, Rae Lakes Loop