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Ep. 11- Andrew Skurka & long-distance hiking

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Andrew Skurka is a long-distance backpacker, guide, and writer, who lives in Boulder, CO. As a twenty-something he hiked three notable long-distance trips including the Alaska-Yukon Expedition (6 months, 4,700 miles),Great Western Loop (7 months, 6,875 miles), and the Sea-to-Sea Route (11 months, 7,775 miles).

Only one of these has been repeated, and only once.

For these trips, Andrew was named “Adventurer of the Year” by both Outside and National Geographic, as well as “Person of the Year” by BackpackerNational Geographic described him as “a superman among trekkers” and “one of the best traveled and fastest hikers on the planet.”

On the podcast, I talk with Andrew about his epic hikes, how he got to that point in his life, and how he's sharing his expertise with others.

Featured Region: West side of Indian Peak Wilderness

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