• Riley

Ep. 17 - National Park Draft

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

My friend Will (top-left) and brother Jeff (bottom) join me to have a little fun in mixing sports and parks. We're having a draft!

What park should go #1? What park is a sneaky steal in the 5th round? What park doesn't get drafted and makes you scream at us?

Join us for a little fun, some adequately appropriate sports puns, and see what 15-20 parks make our draft. Our facts may be loosely accurate, but our sports punditry may be 100% on.

Stay all the way through to the 15th pick, as it's the most surprising of them all and now a group favorite!

#nationalparks #nps #draft

Riley Smith

It took me 'til I was 34 and in a retreat session on body expressions when I realized I get the most excited when I'm talking about hiking. Well, a podcast on hiking seemed like the only solution.


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