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Ep. 2 - PCT Hall-of-Fame Hiker, Bernadette Murray

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Murray Family
At the Northern Terminus, after 2,500 miles on horseback

Bernadette Murray first through-rode the PCT in 1969 with her family as a 10-year old. Bernadette joins the podcast to talk about how their family tackled and prepared for the trail, the numerous adventures one encounters when the trail is very undeveloped, and some funny and painful moments on trail.

Having finished after two seasons of hiking on October 7, 1970, Bernadette is gearing up one more time to through-ride the PCT in the summer of 2020, 50 years after she first did it. You can find out more about her upcoming journey at her facebook page or website, BordertoBorderPCT.


Bernadette Murray, with Mount Hood in the background, is planning a PCT through-ride in 2020

Feature Trail: Indian Heaven Wildnerness

Trailhead: Cultus Creek Campground

Mileage: 10 mile loop

Notes: Recap and trail notes here

Feature Brewery: Cascade Locks Ale House

Food: Hiker Trash Burger

Contents: Two burger patties sandwiched between two child-sized pizzas, topped with cheese and bacon

Notes: Secret Menu Item

Local Breweries Featured: Thunder Island, Backwoods, Pfriem, Mt. Hood, Ecliptic

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