• Riley

Ep. 9 - Big Mileage Days w/ Riley Smith

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Big Mileage Days afford you views like this one at Fenetre d'Arpette, on the Walker's Haute Route near Champex

The first step to taking on more backcountry, either in places most visitors can't get to, or because you want to do your first thru-hike, you'll need to learn how to do big mileage days. I walk through some of my key tips in prepping for 15+ mile days, particularly on trails/locales you may not be familiar with.

Hikes referenced in this podcast include the Red Peak pass hike from Quartz Mountain (Sierra National Forest to Yosemite NP), the Routeburn track in New Zealand, and a 16 mile section of the Walker's Haute Route in the Swiss/French Alps.