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Introduction to Season 2!

Sol Duc Loop - Seven Lakes Basin, Olympic NP

Listen to the 6 minute introduction to Season 2 or read the below "rough" transcript... I may have improvised here and there.

Guests featured below have been recorded already, so there likely will be a few more surprises along the way!

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Season 2 – let’s go! I’m thrilled to be back on the pod to share all the upcoming stories, outdoors expertise, and of course hikes. For those new to the podcast, name is Riley Smith, and I’ll be your host and guide through conversations with some of the outdoors coolest experts, storytellers, and hiking enthusiasts across the country. Broken Laces as the title? Simply, if you’ve had broken laces, you’ve put a lot of miles on those shoes. And I’m hoping we both put on some miles listening to this podcast, whether it be on the road, working out, or in the shower… big shower podcaster here.

As an avid backpacker, car camper, and day hiker myself, I continued to realize the absolute depth of fascinating people and experts in the large swath of outdoors space we have… and no I’m not just talking about diverse spaces in terms of ecosystems and our great expanses of wilderness. I’m talking those who thru-hike long distances, start their own mobile app to connect you with your local trails/orgs, climb the world’s tallest mountains, work on the Hill to fight for our wilderness, and more.

This season, we have the following big-time guests lined up for you:

Gulnur Tumbat – a dear friend of mine, and expert mountaineer. Gulnur, who goes by G, has climbed 6 of the 7 tallest summits in the world, having only Vinson in Antarctica left. She’d be the 1st Turkish women to accomplish this. In G’s episode, we talk training – mental and physical – and in depth about her 7 summits journey, including recapping her most recent summit of Mt. Everest.

Andrew Skurka – I got tipped off by Andrew from an article of a man who is inventing a new long-distance route in the High Sierras. I thought to myself, “yeah, this is a guy who knows a thing or two about hiking/backpacking”. Turns out Andrew made a name for himself doing, super long-hikes (we’re talking 5-7K miles) that no one had documented before. These include the Sea-to-Sea route, including one from Quebec to Washington, the Great Western Loop, and the Alaska Yukon Loop (reminder, Alaska is a large state!). Listen in for the stories, and long-distance hiking tips --- I know 5-7K mile hikers are not a prime audience, but someone who has that many miles will definitely drop a tip or two for us 10 mile hikers.

Ryan Branciforte – Ryan and I met a few years back, where I learned about his personal journey in utilizing the tech in our hand to connect us to the wilderness we all play in. I know that feels oxymoronic, using tech to connect to wild places, but his mobile app, Outer Spatial, is helping Parks and Preserves alike stand up their profiles by helping users plan, get alerts, and connect with the people that actually visit the park. It’s a great tool, just getting traction and users!

Liz Thomas – Liz! In researching Liz, her bio mentions that she wrote what others called “the bible of thru-hiking”. I read that, and knew I needed to have her on, and then order the book. Liz has many accomplishments --- triple crown hiker, author, and recently, dubbed the Queen of Urban hiking. She’s an inspiration, and an energetic, just plain happy guest, and one who is really trying to help people connect to places in the wild, and in their cities, simply by walking. Even if you don’t plan on hiking 100s of miles, she’ll make you want to walk around your local town/parks a bit more.

Chase Huntley – I heard Chase talk about public lands, the BLM, and climate change a few years back and have been pinging him non-stop to have a chat. Have you ever been confused by what the BLM does? Do you have strong feelings or interest in how public lands are used? Chase is here to provide the history and some of the ongoing developments towards how public lands – primarily in the West – are being used and what we can do to help.

And yours truly, sharing some of my favorite hikes from last season and some on the trail “intermediate expertise” along the way. Hit the favorite/subscribe button on your favorite podcast service and please tell your friends to do the same.

Looking forward to the next 2-3 months sharing this content. With COVID in our reality, and hiking more constrained to our local neighborhoods, it’s time to first stay safe and second, get mentally geared up for your next trip when all this passes over. Make sure to subscribe and share with your many outdoors friends to get the next episodes when they go live. This is Riley Smith with Broken Laces and thanks for stopping by!